About Us

About Us


In 1972, the Sioux Center Ambulance Squad was formed by 14 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students who envisioned a system of providing Sioux Center citizens with medical care on their way to the hospital.  The first challenge was to find transportation.  A local funeral home’s hearse was used and the crew responded to 107 calls.  In 1973, the first ambulance was provided jointly by the City of Sioux Center and Sioux County.  Since that time, Sioux Center Ambulance has purchased and maintained 3 fully stocked  advanced level of care ambulances ready to respond 24 hours 7 days per week.  In 1989, Sioux Center Ambulance was the first squad in the region to became a provisional paramedic squad in providing advanced emergency care to the citizens of Sioux Center and surrounding communities. 

Over the years, Sioux Center Ambulance has always maintained a high standard of technology and patient care.  In 1985, the State of Iowa completed a study using defibrillators using Sioux Center Ambulance as part of the study.  Then, in 2002,  Sioux Center Ambulance was the first squad in the area to use an advanced defibrillator called the Life-Pack 12.  Since that time, Sioux Center Ambulance has updated the Life-Pack's that now have the capability to transmit EKG's via Bluetooth directly to the hospital.  In addition, all ambulances are outfitted with Toughbook laptops, GPS units and the rehab trailer has wireless capabilities.

In 2004, the Sioux Center Ambulance Rehab Trailer was built.  This was in response to the need for a mobile incident command center.  The rehab trailer can be dispatched for disasters, search and rescues, as well as a place for monitoring the health of the rescue workers involved in these operations. The rehab trailer also houses a 4-wheel Gator  to respond to off-road emergencies.   In 2012, the Sioux County Sheriff's office partnered with the Sioux Center Ambulance Rehab and Incident Command Trailer.  The trailer has the capabilities to function as a 911 dispatch station if needed by the Sheriff's Office.  In 2016, the Sioux County Sheriff's office assumed sole ownership of the command trailer.

The Sioux Center Ambulance Squad responds to approximately 500 calls per year and offers its paramedic services to the surrounding communities of Hull, Ireton, Maurice, and Hudson, South Dakota.   Additionally, the crew members are also responsible for billing, ordering supplies, maintaining vehicles and electronic equipment, scheduling shifts, training new recruits, staying current on state requirements, and teaching classes in the community.  Together, the squad will log approximately 28,000 hours of volunteer service annually.

February of 2011,  the Sioux Center Ambulance moved into a new state of the art building.  The building hosts several offices, training/conference room equipped with state of the art technology, apparatus bay to house all EMS vehicles, personnel lockers, laundry facilities, and supply room.  The second floor functions as a complete living quarters designed with the future in mind.

February of 2013, Sioux Center Ambulance hired a Chief Medic to oversee day to day operations and continue to promote Sioux Center Ambulance as the leader of EMS care in Northwest Iowa.  

September of 2016, Sioux Center Ambulance added paid part-time medics to the roster to meet the demanding need for advance level of care and call volume. 

May of 2017,  Sioux Center adopted Mission Lifeline protocols and has equiped all 3 ambulances to meet the guidelines to provide advanced level of care.  This also includes the addition of the Lucus devices (automatice CPR device) purchased by the squad.  We have bluetooth capability to transmit EKG's directly to the receiving hospital to determine the best destination for our cardiac patients saving precious lifesaving time.


Working as a Community

The Sioux Center Ambulance Squad is proud to work hand in hand with Sioux
Center Health, Sioux Center Fire Department and the Sioux County Sheriff's Office. Together they provide
comprehensive care for their patients and citizens. In addition, the squad contributes to its city by

  • staffing EMS personnel and ambulances at sporting events for Sioux Center Community High School and Dordt College
  • provides services for community events such as SiouxperMan Triathalon, Special Olympics, SiouxSpeedway, Sioux County Youth Fair,  and RAGBRAI
  • teaching CPR courses, bike safety programs, and drunk driving awareness
  • working with police, churches, schools and several businesses on Automatic External Defibrillators to ensure equipment compatibility